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Funeral Contracts &Documents Web App

SCI: Service Corporation International

The objective was to enhance the design of website while including new features.




User Experience (UX), UI


January 2017, 2018

Enhance Visual Design

SCI employees and local funeral services business rely on the HMIS Helpdesk web app to conduct all burial plans, documentation and contracts when arrangements are being made for the deceased. The ask was to improve the user experience in some problem areas of the site and define a new visual presentation of the UI.

Information aggregated to the homepage.

The homepage for the user needed to show information from many different sources but in small enough bits as to not overwhelm the user with information or clutter. We used the card design approach, smaller sections of information when clicked on expands into greater detail.

Signing Session

Digitized Process

There are many documents that need to be signed by multiple parties. This was being done in a manual fashion which let to errors on the forms and illegible writing forcing a lot extra time spent by SCI on contract rework. This new feature would make this process a completely digital one. Generate documents from the app, start a signing session which takes the user step by step as to where to sign and who should sign next.

Assisting the user through this experience improves the contract handling experience.


Adopt a signature or draw your own.

During the signing session we require multiple signatures. Since this is not done by hand we require the user to create a digital signature. We offered a cursive font as an option for a signature or they can sign their own signature using a mouse.