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iPlan Curriculum Planning

Department of Education - New York

A system that facilitates the completion and certification of the Comprehensive Education Plan (CEP) and related documents.




User Experience (UX), UI


Oct. 2017 – Jan. 2018

Removing Friction in the Workflow

We started from a system that was in place but the whole process was not as smooth as it should be. Our approach was to improve this experience while being mindful of budget and an ambitious timeline. Our solutions needed to be an improvement of the experience without adding scope and budget to achieve these solutions.

Application level validation means less re-work and closer team collaboration.

Our solution would mean the users, who are already extremely busy, are not spending extra time in order to complete and submit their CEP.

Holistic approach yet unique to each school


Superintendents are able to keep a pulse on each school from their homepage. They can then drill down into each individual school. For the school reps like a Principle, Assistants and Parent Teacher members they would see a different homepage, one unique to their own school.

School representatives can collaborate on Curriculum documents in realtime.

Online Word Processing to Edit Curriculum.

When school representatives begin to plan the next school year they refine elements in the curriculum in a collaborative fashion. Multiple reps will contribute to different sections, it then is reviewed by a few levels of administration as the plan becomes finalized and ready for the next school year.

We maximized productivity by creating features that you would find in Word for example. This allows user to conduct all types of work processing in addition we provide user a table of contents to navigate the curriculum.

To improve team connectivity and productivity we added a commenting system where users can add comments that go back and forth to resolve any given matter.

Collaborative Workspace

A space to add notes and ideas for later reference.