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EOD: Equipment Operation Data

Presto - Metrolinx

Converting a manual process into an application system to manage data files and packages.




User Experience (UX), UI


January – May 2018

Solution from the ground up

The task was to create a system that would replace the existing manual process into a digital workflow with checks and balances along the way to ensure data accuracy and security.

Insights were gained from user interviews

We first met with individual users who were conducting the manual process of data management day to day. We understood the journey from end to end, changes and opportunities. Armed with this knowledge we were able create a solution that streamlines the workflow, improves team collaboration and improved data entry accuracy.

On-the-fly editing.

The user wanted to be able to apply edits in the least amount of steps as possible but also access advanced/less used settings when needed.

This presented a fork in the core experience, we layered this relationship with a simple UI for editing data right on the page or by opening a slide in panel to edit lengthy options and settings. This also allowed us to scale features like bulk edits.

Validation Support


Editing the EOD data is complex and has very negative impacts on the business when errors occur. We introduced a method of checking the data inputs on a business and technical level. The app would also assist the user in completing dependency settings in order for the devices to operate properly. Additionally we have two types of errors from these configurations. Critical error or soft errors, critical errors would prevent the user from packaging or deploying the settings. Soft errors were ones that meant that you may not have configured all of the possible settings for this device but the user could still proceed with package and deployment.