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Klutch Curling

Micro-controller Training App

Bringing the physical space into a digital one in the form of feedback where a user can learn and improve from is the premise of the app. In curling when throwing a rock down the ice your delivery is incredibly important. The smallest deviation in the throw can greatly change the outcome. Pairing a sensor that is attached to the underside of the curling rock to the Klutch Curling app users can get realtime feedback on speed, rotation, push/pull and line of delivery in order to improve their skills.






Your curling rock tells you exactly how accurately perfect your shots are.

The Klutch Curling app is designed to do just that. Klutch Curling monitors your development and tracks your performance by analyzing every shot you make. With an easy to use review of your game that logs your four Key Performance Indicators (KPIs): Rock Rotation, Push/Pull in weight, Line of Delivery, and Split Time (accurate to a hundredth of a second!). The Klutch Curling platform will help you improve these KPIs with every practice, all you need is your smartphone and a Klutch Enabled club and you’re ready to play.

Subscription business model improves customer retention

The app tracks all of your games over time enabling the user to see how they are progressing in their skill building. We allow the users to experience the full version of the app for three games. We then interrupt entry into games with an overlay explaining how the subscription works. We default the selections to yearly but make the monthly price (for the yearly contract) more prominent to suggest this is the better option. We approach it this way to build momentum with the user, if they have invested this much time to get to this point statistically users are more apt to subscribe to the service.

How it works

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Come check out KlutchCurling on the Rogers Sportsnet broadcast today at the Pinty’s Grand Slam of Curling – Canadian Beef Masters in Truro, NS. We’re proud to be integrating our technology into their broadcast and providing real time data on every shot!

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