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Delta Airlines - Crew

How great strategy led to an Envisioning engagement with Delta.




Art Director, UI


June, 2017

Work Streams Selected for Envisioning

We proposed showing 4 different work streams done by the Air Crew while working on a flight. This was executed through 4 design sprints comprised of 1 week of wireframe exploration and one week of visual designs. Each week we met with the client to review the Wireframes from a functionality point of the view and visual treatments. These two weeks overlapped so wireframes and designs were continuous.

Digital Graphics Standards Established

Part of the execution was to refresh the digital experience; we helped define some of the contents around UI systems.
User Validation

A group of Delta Crew members were selected to review the designs as they progressed on a bi-weekly basis.

We continually met with a focus group of Air Crew members to show them the potential of the app through a series of screens using InVision. This prototype helped us demonstrate how the application could assist them in their current duties. We would analyze and apply any feedback from these sessions.